Five Ways Clean Energy Could Change The World

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Wave Power
Harnessing the up-down motion of waves can drive turbines in a modular type system. It is an extremely durable method of energy production and can be scaled easily to hundreds of kilowatts all the way to hundreds of megawatts.

Solar Islands
Creating floating platforms of solar collectors bridges the gap between sustainable land-use and energy needs. In areas of the world where land for solar farming is extremely limited, the solar island provides a ready alternative.

Geothermal Enhanced Systems
Beneath the earth’s surface lies a nearly limitless amount of energy. Tapping it in a way that is Read more…

Three Clean Energy Sources And Their Benefits

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Clean energy is one important way to preserve the health of planet Earth. The following are three clean energy sources and the benefits associated with each.

Wind energy is free; does not require removal from the earth, extraction from another material or transportation; and does not result in waste products that must be disposed. In rural and sparsely inhabited areas of the world wind energy is an excellent solution because sufficient space exists for the placement of turbines, Read more…

Clean Energy: Impossible Dream Or Necessary Reality?

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Clean Energy has become more and more important over the past decade, with national attention being focused on the subject in the past two elections and with more and more scientists indicated a non-optional need to develop the methods and infrastructure for a truly sustainable energy system. Countries such as the Netherlands leading the way in areas such as wind energy, and as companies, large and small continue to react to consumer demand for Green products Read more…

Doing Your Part For A Greener World

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Create Less Trash

There are numerous ways you can help create a greener world. Even small activities add up toward helping to maintain and improve the environment. Adding less trash to landfills is important to protect water and ground resources. Switch over to purchasing rechargeable batteries instead of disposables. Reduce paper waste by using online banking and bill payments. It is more convenient for individuals to store personal documentation on a computer while also saving trees. Instead of buying disposable lighters, purchase cardboard matches made from recycled materials. Disposable lighters contain dangerous butane fuel that often leaks into Read more…

How Businesses Are Going Green To Promote Sustainability

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Sustainability, Going Green, Clean Energy, Carbon Footprint. These are all buzz-words that have made their way into today’s vernacular and are understood by nearly everyone. In recent years, public awareness of the importance of such practices and technologies has risen and more and more businesses are promoting their products, services, and companies as Green.

The term ‘Green’ itself is broad and encompasses any number of technologies and practices, depending on the industry. However, consumers are appreciative and often recognize the value of this sustainabliity-minded thinking, sometimes paying a bit more Read more…