Doing Your Part For A Greener World

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Create Less Trash

There are numerous ways you can help create a greener world. Even small activities add up toward helping to maintain and improve the environment. Adding less trash to landfills is important to protect water and ground resources. Switch over to purchasing rechargeable batteries instead of disposables. Reduce paper waste by using online banking and bill payments. It is more convenient for individuals to store personal documentation on a computer while also saving trees. Instead of buying disposable lighters, purchase cardboard matches made from recycled materials. Disposable lighters contain dangerous butane fuel that often leaks into ground and water resources.

Reduce Waste

Purchase several strong reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping instead of using thin plastic bags. Plastic bags are not biodegradable in either land or water. Plastic bags are filling landfills and waterways creating a hazard to wildlife. Stop using disposable plastic cups, plates or utensils to reduce mountains of extra trash. Carry a reusable cup with you to work to fill with coffee. Save the environment and money by reusing gift wrapping paper, bags and bows. To save even more money while protecting the environment print on both sides of computer paper instead of just one.

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