Clean Energy: Impossible Dream Or Necessary Reality?

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Clean Energy has become more and more important over the past decade, with national attention being focused on the subject in the past two elections and with more and more scientists indicated a non-optional need to develop the methods and infrastructure for a truly sustainable energy system. Countries such as the Netherlands leading the way in areas such as wind energy, and as companies, large and small continue to react to consumer demand for Green products and services, we are making progress, even if it is slow.

Presently, the biggest scientific barrier to clean energy are an aging energy infrastructure.

One of the biggest problems, scientifically, that clean energy faces has to do with the storage and distribution of energy which, is irregular and somewhat difficult to predict. To put it simply, traditional energy storage systems (batteries) haven’t been developed or designed to efficiently, effectively, and plausibly store excess energy in times of overflow to be used later, in times of high demand and low production.

However, with recent legislation and commitments by the Obama administration, the United States has significantly increased funding for clean energy research. With scientists predicting fossil fuel resources being depleted within the next 30 – 50 years, these actions couldn’t have come at a better time.

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