Three Clean Energy Sources And Their Benefits

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Clean energy is one important way to preserve the health of planet Earth. The following are three clean energy sources and the benefits associated with each.

Wind energy is free; does not require removal from the earth, extraction from another material or transportation; and does not result in waste products that must be disposed. In rural and sparsely inhabited areas of the world wind energy is an excellent solution because sufficient space exists for the placement of turbines, and the cost to bring other forms of energy to these areas may soon be cost-prohibitive.

Like wind, solar energy is another clean energy source that does not require extraction or transportation and produces no emissions or waste products. With new advances in solar technology including better ways to store solar energy and a film that collects infrared solar rays rather than visible light, solar power is becoming a more viable energy source even in areas that experience frequent cloudy days.

Geothermal energy uses the natural heat inside the earth to generate electricity. Like solar and wind energy, geothermal energy is free, and geothermal heat is always available. Geothermal energy also requires no large structures or elaborate devices; in fact, most of the work takes place underground where water is transformed into steam.

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