Five Ways Clean Energy Could Change The World

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Wave Power
Harnessing the up-down motion of waves can drive turbines in a modular type system. It is an extremely durable method of energy production and can be scaled easily to hundreds of kilowatts all the way to hundreds of megawatts.

Solar Islands
Creating floating platforms of solar collectors bridges the gap between sustainable land-use and energy needs. In areas of the world where land for solar farming is extremely limited, the solar island provides a ready alternative.

Geothermal Enhanced Systems
Beneath the earth’s surface lies a nearly limitless amount of energy. Tapping it in a way that is both sustainable and productive on a large scale has remained elusive. Today, researchers are working on this alternative energy method.

Nanophosphor-Based Electroluminescence
Farm crops are always at the mercy of the elements and often fail or suffer due to weather or other unforeseen natural events. Researchers have developed a method which produces the exact wavelength of that required for photosynthesis. Using this light, indoor farming can begin world-wide.

Tornado-Powered Wind Energy
Researchers are working on building a restrictive area and creating a tornado force wind which could be sustained and harvested. It is being referred to as the Atmospheric Vortex Engine.

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